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Jun. 11th, 2010


Need costuming help for Pride!

So, Pride has snuck up on me. (I know, I know - I have no idea how I missed putting it on the calendar.) In any case, it's in two weeks, and I hope/plan to march in the poly contingent.

I like to dress up for it. Last year I wore a fabulous evening gown, Docs, and a fetching pink cowboy hat, ala Southern Belle. The temps were great, and I had not much exposed skin to baste, err, put sunblock on.

But this year the meds mean I cannot have any direct sunlight. Now, Sunday is the opposite end of the week from dosing, which is good, but I still need to come up with some combination of parasol, minimal skin exposure, and fabulous outfit that won't make me roast if it's hot that day. Got any bright ideas, or parasols to loan?

Sadly, I wear children's hats, so most hats cannot be loaned out to me. I sense a trip to Doubletake in my future - vintage bonnets are much more likely to fit.

Jun. 2nd, 2010


I can't go on. I must go on. I will go on.

(Apologies to Mr. Beckett)

Oof. So tired. So tired of unpacking boxes, and playing household items Tetris, and moving the same thing for the #$%^&& sixth time. So tired of still not being done.

To be fair, we've accomplished a hell of a lot. Our bedroom is not only usable but (mostly) conducive to my sanity. (That closet reeeeeealy needs to have the hanging clothes sorted out.) The bathroom is fully functional, the office ditto and also no longer quite so claustrophobic. The laundry room, while it still has dining room chairs stacked along one wall, is functional. I found the last of the things necessary to make real brewed coffee today, and I found my missing favorite hat and Stormy's personal salt shaker.

I'm down to the last four (HUGE) boxes of kitchen stuff, and you can at least walk all the way around the kitchen now.

Unfortunately the main living space is still an obstacle course and flat surfaces that can actually be used as such are minimal. If you've known me for any time at all, you know that those two things make me insane. Some of it is personality and preference, but a lot of it is adaptation to not seeing well. It's kind of a race to balance getting it fixed as fast as possible with not killing myself in the process. It's Wed night and by Sat, I must have full use of my body and some amount of endurance left, so I think I'm gonna have to find my big girl pants and learn to live with the chaos for a little longer.

Jun. 1st, 2010


A quickie from deep inside Box Mountain

We're moved, mostly. (I think - there might still be randomness in outbuildings ate the cabin. That's Stomry's dept.)

It's beginning to look a lot like people live here, but we're at that horrible stage where I keep working and working and the living room still looks like Box Mountain and you can hardly move in it. I know it will pass, and that it's really a project that must be tackled from the edges inward, but it's frustrating and crazy-making. I yearn to reach the final stage where I can scrub everything within an inch of its life.

I thought I was going to get off easy on the dosing days until the third dose, when I was suddenly hit with all the nausea and coldness and pounding headache that had been lurking in the shadows. I still feel pretty lousy, so today has been all about shifting books and small stuff around. Sounds like not much, but we have a LOT of books. Unpacking them clears a lot of space very quickly and is mindless, unlike unpacking kitchen boxes.

Oy, the kitchen.... Staxxy and I are both foodies and cooks and tend to keep well-stocked pantries, so the combined kitchen is frankly terrifying. There's going to be a lot of using things up and consolidating and likely repacking a lot of duplicate kitchenware to put away in storage. If we had more cabinets and were of the mind to do so, we could very easily set up a fully kosher kitchen right down to spices. :P

And finally, we have working Internet at home! All three people have all of their machines online, cable is set up, and Tivo is (presumably) fully functional again.

I may actually make that goal of having the table usable by Wed.

May. 25th, 2010



After some experimenting, it seems that I can avoid most of the digestive issues with the MTX if I fast. Since I now dose for 48 hours, that's not so workable. Plus, fasting that long increases the fatigue, which makes sense. No fuel, no zoom.

Next week I'll have to see if I can modify the fast with some small meals at the 6-hour mark between doses, and maybe work up a diet that packs the most useful calories into the smallest space. I may just do things like Ensure and smoothies and not worry about trying to get solid food into me, as that seems to trigger the worst side effects.

May. 17th, 2010


Need moving help - mark your calendars!

It's that time. Move will happen on 5/29 or 5/30. Yes, I know it's Memorial Day weekend and it sucks. I have no choice.

We will have professional movers, but it will speed things up, save money, and ease my sanity if we also have friends to help.

Big burly friends are especially helpful, but even if you can't lift heavy things, you can be part of the ninja unpacking team. We're going from a tiny house to a slightly bigger but still small space, so the only way a move happens smoothly is if I unpack and put away as much stuff quickly as possible. This typically starts with things like clothes, linens, kitchen stuff, pantry items - things that can just be shoved in any old way to get the boxes out. I can rearrange cabinets later.

In addition, most of the boxes of books and some other household goods will likely be diverted straight to a storage unit. If you have a vehicle that can tote boxes of books, you'd be very useful even if you need someone else to lift the boxes.

Packing help between now and then is very useful. Driving small loads over to the new place to be put away is also very useful. Again, tiny house, it's necessary to clear space in which to stack packed boxes. Fortunately, there is lots of stuff that can be moved in a regular size car.

I have one cat at the cabin, and new roomie (Stax) has two cats at the new place. I keep a variety of OTC allergy meds on hand for them what needs them. All cats will be locked away during the actual move, but please be advised that these are cat-infested dwellings and belongings.
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May. 14th, 2010


State of the union

MTX continues in a tolerable status. I get to go four weeks until my next blood draw, which is nice timing. Hard to say how much is side effects of meds and how much is just stress, chaos, food poisoning, and the like.

We had our first meeting with the mortgage planner yesterday. There's some financial stuff we need to do on our side of things - we're in better shape than we thought, but some random things that creep in when life gets crazy need to be sorted out to put our credit report in the best possible structure for loan application. For instance, over the last 15 years of moving and the time where we were maintaining households in both Chicago and Seattle, it has come to pass that my name is no longer on anything that appears on the credit report. Financially, I am completely off the grid, which is not the best place to be when asking a bank to give you lots of money. So we'll run around adding my name to things, move some money around so everything is consolidated and tidy, and generally do the kinds of sorting and cleaning up that you do before a move.

I am pleased that we are in better shape than we thought, and that the things we need to do are straightforward and hopefully easy. I'm pleased that my best guesses about the state of the property we want to buy were pretty accurate. I am not at all pleased that it turns out we do have to move at the end of this month. I was hoping to avoid that, but I knew it was a long shot at best.

We will be living elsewhere at least through Sept, and possibly longer than that. Ideally I hope to keep it to under six months, but right now there is no way to accurately predict that. The temp place we have lined up has a lot to recommend it, which helps sweeten the bitter pill, but it's still stress and financial cost that I would have much rather avoided.

While we plan to use movers and their packing service, there are still a lot of things that need to be packed personally, or at least sorted out so that the packing can be left to professionals. I would very much appreciate any and all help in that direction. There will be a lot of sorting and packing, but very minimal heavy lifting or driving back and forth. Even a couple of hours would be very helpful and welcome. Give me a shout in one of the usual ways if you want to come help.

May. 9th, 2010


State of the body

I remain astonished about the amount of pain I am no longer in. I would have sworn that the neck and shoulder pain I was feeling was muscular, but clearly it was not. This is not to say I am pain free - stress tension hurts more now, likely by comparison, and my right wrist is just as aggravating as it has been for years. So clearly, there's likely some RSI-type stuff to be dealt with there eventually. Scar tissue at the surgery site is a problem

I haven't been doing too much of note with fiber since the November past, what with pain and surgery and SEAF and new meds. I've been a little afraid to try spinning, to be honest. I likely won't have time to deal with any of that the rest of this month, but I want to soon. I'm still knitting, it's just not very interesting to either me or any of you.

May. 5th, 2010


Methotrexate, Day 3.3

I've been up since about 12:30p, did a few hours of shopping, socializing, and dinner with 1 margarita. I could so totally go to bed right now and stay there until tomorrow.

So, still VERY fatigued, and have a bit of mild queasiness. Nonetheless, I'm counting this as a win - I am most definitely well into recovering from the food poisoning! I drank coffee! I ate real food! I did something besides lay on the couch and whimper! (Plus, I scored mightily at a new-to-me thrift store) :)

In the interest of not waking up suddenly at 4a and not being able to sleep more, I shall have a quiet night of cleaning the kitchen, folding the laundry I did, and washing the adorable sweater dress I got at the thrift store so I can wear it on Friday. The energy put into cleaning will no doubt pay off mightily in feeling happier in my space. I think I'll vacuum too - a clean floor always makes a huge difference.

May. 4th, 2010


Methotrexate, Day 3.2

Dealing with a tripling of my methotrexate dose on top of food poisoning/stomach flu has been...interesting. I really have no idea which are side effects, which are symptoms, and how much of the headache and fatigue should be laid at the feet of things like having no coffee for two days and being so completely exhausted and ill before I even started taking the MTX.

But I managed it. I suspect I'm going to be pretty wiped out for at least a week. What I really needed to recover from SEAF was lots of food and restful sleep, and that's exactly what I haven't gotten. However, now that I'm done taking the MTX for this week, I can start taking OTC digestive remedies, which I think will help a lot. Fever came back last night while I was sleeping - I didn't manage to take my temp, but I did stumble out of bed to take more Tylenol. By this morning, I felt a lot better, though by no means healthy.

I'm still mostly on the couch, but I'm having brief spurts of energy. I managed to unpack a few bags from this weekend and I'm going to put on some laundry. The big goal is to shower - being clean will help a lot, I think.

I've been too sick to knit. That's a lot of sick. :(

May. 3rd, 2010


Methotrexate, Day 3.1

Ugh. Battling what is either food poisoning or stomach flu. Yes, I am still taking the new round of meds today. I'm a fighter like that.

I feel absolutely terrible, though I am keeping food and fluids down enough to dose. I'm probably feeling worse because I pushed myself so hard over the weekend. Oh well.

Tylenol is pretty much as useless as I thought it was, but it's better than nothing. Not being able to take anything to make my stomach feel better sucks mightily.

I wish I had matzoh ball soup.

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